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The night before Christmas


Doctor, Doctor, I keep thinking I'm a Christmas bell!
Just take these pills - and, if they don't work, give me a ring!
Nurse! I want to operate. Take this patient to the theatre.
Ooh! good! I love a nice pantomime at Christmas!
Doctor, Doctor, Father Christmas gives us oranges every Christmas. Now I think I'm turning into an orange!
Have you tried playing squash?
Father Christmas: Doctor, Doctor I feel so unfit
Doctor: You need to go to an elf farm
Doctor, Doctor, with all the excitement of Christmas I can't sleep.
Try lying on the edge of your'll soon drop off!
Doctor, Doctor I'm scared of Father Christmas
Doctor: You're suffering from Claus-trophobia.
My problem is that I keep stealing things when I go Christmas shopping. Can you give me something for it!
Doctor: Try this medicine...and if it doesn't work come back and bring me a new video camera.


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