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Father Christmas Jokes
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What does Santa Claus do when his elves misbehave?
He gives them the sack!
What does Santa say to the toys on Christmas Eve?
Okay everyone, sack time!
What does Santa use when he goes fishing?
His north pole!
What goes 'Ho! Ho! Ho! Thump!'?
Father Christmas laughing his head off!

What goes Ho, Ho, Swoosh! Ho, Ho, Swoosh?
Santa caught in a revolving door!

What goes Ho-squelch, Ho-squelch, Ho-squelch?
Father Christmas with snow in his wellies.
What goes Ho-squelch, Ho-squelch, Ho-squelch, BANG?
Father Christmas with snow in his wellies in a minefield!
And what goes oh! oh! oh?
Father Christmas walking backwards.
What kind of motorcycle does Santy ride?
A "Holly" Davidson!
What nationality is Santa Claus?
North Polish!
What rides a sleigh, gives lots of presents and has plenty of faults?
Santa Flaws.
What smells most in a chimney?
Santa's nose!


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