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Reindeer Jokes
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Keep that reindeer out of the house! It's full of fleas!
You'd better stay out of the house, Rudolph - it's full of fleas.
Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer's gone missing again, put a 'Missing' advert in the local paper!
Don't be daft. Reindeer can't read!
What do reindeer have that no other animals have ?
Baby reindeer !
What do reindeer hang on their Christmas trees?
What do you call the reindeer with cotton wool in his ears?
Call him anything you like - he won't hear you!
What do you call the reindeer with one eye higher than the other?
What do you give a reindeer with an upset tummy?
What does Father Christmas call that reindeer with no eyes?
What does Father Christmas call that three-legged reindeer?
What does Father Christmas the reindeer with only one eye that's got no legs?
Still no-eye-deer.


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